Day 1 – The Beginning 

Around this time 4 years ago my life was going to change for better or worse. I found out I was pregnant and honestly didn’t want to believe, I was in denial. The hardest thing was when I was going to tell my parents. Being 17 at the time I was still in high school and didn’t want to leave when I had less than a year left. I finally had the courage to tell my parents when I was 13 weeks and decided to finish school.

Being pregnant and still being at school was hard, like mentally and physically you just feel worn out. The constant sickness and aches as well as gossipers and people make snide comments. It made it easier having my best friend around helping me as the father lived overseas. 

Through out my pregnancy the father and I were constantly on and off fighting about it. The decision of what to do, how to live and work around this child who was about to come into our lives. I felt angered that this wasn’t how I wanted to my first pregnancy to be, I was constantly stressed and tired, feeling lonely.

It took me a while to realised that I only need to think about what’s best for the baby and myself. It wasn’t until I was about 6-7 months being pregnant that things started to look better, I finally started to feel like I was suppose to. 

As the days flew by after that she finally came 3 days after her due date and nearly 23 hours in labour I had my first little girl. She was the silver lining in my life.
Now there is a lot of things in between each line and part of this story and it would take me ages to go into full depth with it, so I wanted to do part by part with each starting with a quick overview of it all.


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